Meet Our Team

Special Needs Village is here to help you. We know what it’s like to be a special needs parent, but we also have a wealth of experience from the ‘other side of the gate’, having worked in various educational settings and advocated for many families to receive the care, support or provision they need.

Dr Peta Maria Slaney

Speciality: Screening for SEND, parent mentoring, SEND training for parents, interventions & behaviour management for children.

I have worked in care and education for many years, and it’s something that’s very important to me. Both of my children have SEN and require varying levels of support. I’ve worked as a support worker to teens and young adults with challenging behaviour; private tuition for adults learning English as a second language; working as a teaching assistant and family support worker. One of my favourite settings was a Special Needs Support Centre attached to a mainstream primary school. I worked there whilst studying for a degree in Education Studies, and I learnt so much about supporting the learning of children with additional needs. I later attended Anglia Ruskin University to conduct postgraduate research before being awarded a doctorate of education (EdD) in 2022.

My particular areas of interest and research are how autism presents in girls and women, the relationship between developmental trauma and neurodiversity and how to help women who are diagnosed with autism later in life. I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 30 and I am extremely interested in learning more about the disparity between the diagnostic criteria for men and women on the spectrum.

Ruth Evans

Speciality: Sensory processing difficulties, establishing sensory needs and implementing a sensory diet, Sensory Circuits.

Born and raised in Liverpool, I am a mum to three (now adult) children. All three have varying and different additional needs which means I have experience in supporting both adults and children with complex needs and disabilities. Having both a boy and girls has also helped me be aware of the different presentations between boys and girls with difficulties. I have completed various training courses in Autistic Spectrum Condition, as well as Sensory Processing Difficulties.

I am a qualified teaching assistant and worked in a mainstream primary school setting, helping children of all ages and abilities. In that provision, I began advocating for families in desperate need of support through the SEN system, including helping parents to navigate the diagnostic pathway.

My experience of SPD has inspired me to raise awareness and support those who experience their surroundings differently and I feel such a satisfying sense of fulfilment when able to help such ones so that they can reach their potential.

I am thrilled to be on board with Special Needs Village and fully embrace its ethos.

Charlotte Boulton

Speciality: EHCP applications, DLA applications, PIP applications.

My name is Charlotte and I’m married to my wonderful husband Zach. We have 3 children aged 19, 9 and 7. My eldest son has Autism, my daughter (our middle child) has Developmental Language Disorder, ADHD, & Dyslexia and our youngest son has a significant language delay. I’m currently moving towards a diagnosis for myself too as the more we’ve learnt especially about our daughter, the more I’ve realised that I too have ADHD (something my mother has said for a LONG time lol)
Life certainly isn’t quiet!

We decided to start our home education journey when our now 19 year old was just 7. It was and still is the best decision we made for our darlings.
Hubby and I are photographers and run our business together which is a lot of fun. I also currently work with our local council helping to shape services for families that have children or young people with SEND and I volunteer for our local Parent Carer Forum which is funded by the DFE.
I hope that by sharing the knowledge and experiences we’ve had (and are still having) that it will help to change other families journeys for the positive. Early on I often felt quite lost and unfortunately, as parents and carers we’re left to drown in Bureaucracy. However, by helping to remove the unknown and empowering parents and carers things won’t always feel so bleak.

Kelly Bundy

Speciality: Social media, visual aid design & production, blog contributor, researcher.